JOIN ARTHRITIS POWER CreakyJoints has teamed up with rheumatology researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to launch Arthritis Power, a non-profit, patient-inspired and patient-managed research initiative. Sign Up

About Arthritis Power

As an arthritis patient, you can make a difference in the fight against autoimmune arthritis and related conditions. Here's how:

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Track Symptoms & Treatments

Arthritis Power puts your health information in your hands! Track your symptoms, treatments, medications, and health data from your computer or smartphone (iPhone or Android). This will help you better understand changes in your condition, and enable you to work with your doctor to make treatment decisions.

View Your Data Over Time

Have you ever wished that you had a quick way to see how your symptoms are changing—or holding steady—over time? Or how you are responding to new medications or other changes in treatment? View your reports in daily, weekly, or monthly snapshots depending on the frequency with which you track. Empower yourself with personal data to better understand your symptoms.

Share Info With Your Doctor

Get customized reports that summarize all the information you have logged, including your medications, your symptom tracking, and other health data. Email secure reports to yourself or to your doctor during or between appointments. Use these reports to share how you have been doing with your loved ones so they can better understand your condition and its symptoms.

Make a Difference

You can speed the arrival of personalized medicine by helping researchers better understand how different treatments work for different people. The information you provide will be overseen by patients like you in a secure process that allows only trusted experts to use your information in studies that promote scientific knowledge. As result, everyone will benefit from knowing how to best treat and, eventually, cure conditions of the bones, joints, and skin.

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Arthritis Power is available on the web and for iOS and Android phones!

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By registering, you can transform your story into powerful clues that will help researchers develop better treatments, better medications, and ultimately, a cure.

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Please note this is an early access version and that there will be updates in the coming months as features are added or refined. Please share feedback about your experience using Arthritis Power. If this is a media inquiry, please contact Jessica Daitch at or 917-816-6712.

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